Industrial STP

Industrial STP

Organic Waste Converter and Composters

Organic Waste Converter and Composters

Retrofit Emission Control Device

Retrofit Emission Control Device

Effluent Treatment Plant

Effluent Treatment Plant

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Organic Waste Composter

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About Us

Greenshield Enviro working for Prevention of Air, Water and Noise pollution and conservation of natural resources from last 16 years under the leadership of Mr. Eesh Arora as Managing Director. We have experience in providing environmental and engineering solutions, consulting services (state pollution control board/ CPCB). We are committed to sustainable development by ensuring improvement in “environmental quality”.We have always tried to create innovative and cost-effective solutions for the most challenging environments and needs of the industry.


Our Products

Organic Waste Converter


Compost Machine is an essential technology

Organic Waste Converter


Grease traps (also known as grease interceptors

Organic Waste Converter


Sewage Treatment refers to the process of removing contaminants

Organic Waste Converter


We offer a large number of diverse types of Effluent Treatment Plant and

Water treatment plant


Our range of Water Treatment Plant removes all the impurities and

Water treatment plant


Solid waste management is an essential service in any society

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Greenshield Enviro working for Prevention of Air, Water and Noise pollution and conservation of natural resources from last 16 years.We have experience in providing environmental and engineering solutions, consulting services (state pollution control board/ CPCB).

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