FIRE & LIFE SAFETY IN BUILDINGS : The capital of India with its ever-increasing population in far-flung colonies & crowded localities and unplanned growth has always been a city with heavy fire risk. The risk has now been further increased with the expansion of industries and construction of high-rise buildings in the National Capital Territory of Delhi. Many of the high-rise buildings in the Delhi have not yet been provided within built fire fighting arrangements, which are considered to be very essential from fire safety point of view. To ensure safety of such buildings and their occupants, the Building Bye-laws were adopted and duly notified by the Delhi Administration of 23rd June 1983. The Building Bye-laws are further being up-dated.



Once the guidelines have been issued by the fire department the application for obtaining no objection certificate may be submitted to the Director by the builder/owner of the premises

The owners/builders are further advised to ensure the compliance of all the fire safety guidelines before the approach the Director for No Objection Certificate. No inspection fee is levied by the fire service for such inspection or issue of NOCs. In case of any difficulty the matter should be reported to the Chief Fire Officer or the Director. The Director or Chief Fire Officer may also be contacted in case there is a delay in carrying out the inspection or issue of fire safety guidelines, or issue of NOC after the inspection has been carried out etc.

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